New Roc LaRue CD 2007
New Roc LaRue CD 2007



"New 45-rpm EP" - OUT OF STOCK "Get A Little Closer"

"One More Time - OUT OF STOCK"

The Rockabilly Sounds of the 50's CD


"CD Info"

....."One More Time".....19 tracks of the sounds of Rockabilly, Rock 'n' roll, Country & Southern Gospel. Roc has included a few "dance close" ballads and his original recordings from the 50's and 60's. A few covers of his favorite artists' songs are also well as originals written by Roc himself. The CD kicks off with his son Roger setting the tempo on drums while his other son Chris comes screaming in on piano to the title song of "One More Time" - both Dad and son share lead breaks on this rockin' original. Then off again to a foot-stompin' "Hey Little Baby", written by Ronnie Haig. Roc, again shows he can still pick that guitar in true rockabilly fashion. Then he takes us back to 1957 to a beautiful teenage-type ballad, "I'm Not Ashamed" recorded on RAMA Records. This one makes you want to grab your honey and dance close. Roc grabs the microphone on the next track, joined by Ronnie Haig on lead quitar, along with Ronnie's wife Susie and sister-in-law Roxie who blend in on the vocal backup, and belts out his orignal composition of "She's My Woman". He then sings a short cover of Elvis' "We're Gonna Move" from the movie "Love Me Tender". We then get up and dance to another wonderful ballad "What Am I Living For", originally recorded by Chuck Willis and Conway Twitty. "10 More Miles to Go" is a great truck driver song written by Roc with a little demonstration that he still can do some country pickin'. The next track takes us over to the UK where Roc does a cover of Sir Cliff Richard's "Traveling Light" followed by his well-known 1957 RAMA recording of "Baby Take Me Back". The following tracks are a nice mix of gospel, more original songs by Roc and his Holland Record sessions, which include "I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine" and "If I Were In Your Shoes"; The last track "Cute Little Yodeler", which was recorded in 1965, was added by the prompting of his wife Pat.

Track Listings:
1. One More Time - (2:07) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
2. Hey Little Baby (2:09) (Haig/Jan-Cee Pub. BMI)
3. I'm Not Ashamed (2:02) (EMI Music - London)Original 1957 RAMA Records
4. She's My Woman (3:00) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
5. We're Gonna Move (1:50) (Presley/Matson)From the movie: Love Me Tender
6. What Am I Living For (3:03) (Jay Harris)
7. 10 More Miles To Go (3:36) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
8. Traveling Light (2:41) (Teppin/Bennett)
9. Baby Take Me Back (2:01) (Schroeder/Weisman - ASCAP)(EMI Music - London)Original 1957 RAMA Records
10. Don't Count Me Out (2:39) (J. McCutchen)
11. Teenage Blues - (2:38) (EMI Music - London)Original 1957 RAMA Records
12. Poor Boy (2:07) (Presley/Matson)From the movie: Love Me Tender
13. I Dont' Care If The Sun Don't Shine (2:24) Original 1958 Holland Records
14. Revivals In the Land Today (3:57) (W. Mills)
15. Don't Turn Around (1:47) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
16. I've Heard About Guys Like You Before (2:00) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
17. If I Were In Your Shoes (2:14) Original 1958 Holland Records
18. Thunder On The Mountain (2:24) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)
19. Cute Little Yodeler (2:20) (R. LaRue - ASCAP)Original 1966 Contrast Records